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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One C. Evans, an old friend with no extant blog but a terrific Flickr account points me to the official web page for the second, non cam-wielding Scottie dog in the Bush White House, Miss Beazley:

Official White House Bio for Miss Beazley, President Bush’s Scottie Dog

The bio section, at full size:

Miss Beazley’s White House bio

A few thoughts:

  • I assume Miss Beazley's father really was named Clinton; I can't see White House PR consultants choosing that from thin air.

  • Can Barney has cheezburger, too? Was "cheeseburger" a compromise with the original suggestion "cheezburger"?

  • How did Miss Beazley get into Duck Tales, a television show which has been off the air for a century in dog years?

    More likely: A junior staffer or intern, maybe even the Bush twins themselves, would have been watching the The Disney Afternoon from 1990-92. But I approve. Among weekday afternoon cartoon shows, it was probably the best of its era:

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