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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Thompson I have advocated on the Internet most is probably Fred Thompson, whom I supported and worked for during the presidential primaries. Lately I've been helping to spread the word around the District, to Prince of Petworth and elsewhere, about another Thompson entirely: Ellwood Thompson's.

The Richmond-based grocery store is coming to the District sometime next year, filling out the awesome (if horribly named) DC USA retail complex in Columbia Heights. If you're not familiar with the expanding chain, it's an organic grocery store that emphasizes its local inventory. That is to say, the arugula you (or future President Obama) just bought probably came from the immediate area. As a strong supporter of globalization and international trade I can't say the local aspect moves me greatly, but I'm still looking forward to Ellwood Thompson's arrival.

So why have I, as a man of the Right, taken an interest in this store? Well, it doesn't hurt that the chain is a client of a friend's design shop (JESS3, who I'm working with here). But it's also worth remembering that even after half a decade inside the Beltway I remain an Oregonian at heart. I may disagree with the prevailing political positions of Portland, my hometown, but I still dig its crunchy vibe. (Note: I would not, however, call myself a Crunchy Con.)

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the location will be going in across the street from my Metro stop. And did you notice that Ellwood Thompson's is a grocery store? It's all about capitalism, baby!

The new location should be open around this time next year, which means many a trip out of my way to the Giant on Park Rd still to come. In the meantime here's what I have to look forward to (well, an artist's rendering of it, in any case):

Ellwood Thompson's in Columbia Heights

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