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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Via bicycle blog Ride Lugged, I learn that later this month the sequel to the (surprisingly watchable) Nicolas Cage histo-thriller National Treasure will be shooting on location in and around the District.

I also learn that they're looking for these kinds of extras:
- Real Sting Quartet
- Bomb Detection Units w/dogs
- Dog Walkers w/dogs
- Real Bike Messengers
- Real Catering Bartenders, Waiters/Waitresses and Chefs
- George and Martha Washington look-alikes
- Diplomat couples in formal attire (Scottish, African, Japanese, French and Middle Eastern)
- Cigar smokers to play Senators
- Hot Dog Vendor with cart
- Secret Service / FBI / Police / Security Guards
- Military types to include 2 Generals and 1 Major
- Park Rangers
- Lots of GOOD Drivers w/Cars
- Beautiful Model types 25-40 in age for a formal scene
- Men and women with formal wear for a party scene
- the First Lady
- College professors and teachers
- College students
- College aged skateboarders and some hacky sack players
- Lots of Business and Tourist types
- Librarians and Library Patrons
- Treasure Hunters
- Joggers
- Seniors
- 18 and older who look 15-17
- Bicyclists w/ bikes
Hmm... I'm not really sure I fit any of these categories. Probably "library patron" or "college student," if any, although not the type with a skateboard or hacky sack.

And who's to say what a "Treasure Hunter" should look like? Dammit, I think I look like a treasure hunter.

I guess I could be a tourist type. Possibly a jogger, but more like a jogger who isn't sticking with the program. Also, I assume they would want a jogger to jog, and that's kind of a deal-breaker.

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