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Sunday, July 08, 2007

You won't believe me now, but last weekend I had a thousand word-plus blog post ready to go, detailing my three-and-a-half hour wait outside the AT&T store in Dupont Circle to be among the first to purchase an iPhone. Alas, it's now lost to the ages, on account of a worn out iBook cord that failed to keep my computer on overnight, which is not so bad considering the plastic is now singed and I suppose it could have set my apartment ablaze. (Killed by a Mac? That would be something.)

But history does preserve the pictures I took that day uploaded to Flickr. Here's a thumbnail version of the photoset:

And I have a couple videos uploaded to my YouTube account. Here's one where I play chicken with a foreign news camera:

As for the iPhone itself? I'll point you toward Engadget's 16,000-word review and just say that I'm quite happy to be in on the ground level. It certainly isn't perfect, but it's a solid A.

It's also my first smartphone -- ask me about my sordid history with cell phones sometime (though I swear, I have a great track record with iPods) -- so maybe after fighting one dumbphone after another, this feels like a bigger step up than it is.

But... I don't think so. Yeah, GPS would be neat, but the Maps do it for me. The EDGE network is slow, but I've never been on 3G (though I am hoping Cringely is right on this prediction).

Most of my problems with the device are software-based -- it's bad enough you can't copy or paste in Safari, but lately it's been crashing on me -- and since Apple is known for its free, automatic software updates, I imagine these issues will be addressed in due time.

And the things that I don't even know to complain about will? They'll probably blow me away when I'm ready to go back for another one by the third generation.


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