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Thursday, August 16, 2007

My friend and colleague Jon Eick, the man who introduced me to Guitar Hero and a talented comedian who will one day host a godawful stand-up show on Comedy Central (made watchable by his presence, natch) has just launched his first blog, So Good, about something we all know well, but which he can write about with more insight because he's spent more time thinking about it than anyone should.

It's a food blog, you see. But unlike most food blogs already in existence, it's a food blog relevant to those of us who don't set our calendars by Restaurant Week. As he explains in his inaugural post:
What you won’t find here:

- Reviews of expensive restaurants
- Confusing Recipes
- Discussion about Martha Stewart

What you will find here:

- Absurd over-analysis of real foods that you and I eat every day
- Thought provoking “Would You Rather?” questions
- Frequent over-use of the phrase “So Good”
Good. So good, even.

And a terrific way to invite free samples, which he just might share with the office. Myself, I can't wait to give that bacon salt a day in court.

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